Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I want to walk in the valley of the shadows somewhere,
Where the pain of yesterday is not mine to bear,
Where the sky is blue again, the grass is green again,
Where rain isn't the only weather, and hurt isn't the only bother.

I want to see the truth behind these walls,
I want to feel the warmth beneath it all,
I want to feel free again, feel her in my arms again,
I want to hear her heart beat again,
and most of all - just her hear call me again.

2013's been a year where joy turns to hurt, laughter turns to dust and sorrow fills the air. So don't ask, cuz u know how I feel. Until time heals these wounds, there's nothing left for me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Play by the rules. Or live trying.

I don't define my life according to success, but by the slightest ability to learn to avoid failure.
I don't define my life according to strength, but by the ability to push on and not give up.
I don't define my family as those who cared and loved me, but rather those who will remain when all is lost.
I don't define love as an opportunity to express and flaunt, but rather as a commitment that can endure.
I don't live my life according to what others say or perceive of me, because I live my life, base on what I want it to be.
I'm different yet common, essentric yet compatible, striking yet obscure, powerful yet weak.
I am a million things, but most importantly
I am who I want to be, when I want it to be, How I want it to be.
And the only that can stand in my way
Is me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Woopie... Emo clown's in da house. Lol. So there was this costume party I was forced to partake in a work. Was kinda fun. Speacila thanks to Sonia for the makeup. But still..


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Act #1

I've known them for a little longer than any of my other frens. They are a bit essentric, and sometimes proves to be a pain in the ass. But time changes things, espcially people. Sooner or later, u get used to these little antics, and hey.. there u have a pile of frens that u can trust, through and through.

So we improvised. Everyone 1 day to just take a shot of themselves as above.

It was really cool when everyone manged to do them, and on time.

It might not look like much. But it only goes to show how far we can be apart, yet how close our hearts are tied together.

It might sound corny and shyte, but hey. That's my job. I am, and always will be, the bard of the group.

Love you guys.

PS: Note that even CK managed to post his pic on time. LOL!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


So it's with mixed emotions that I write this here,
A message I write so sincere,
For I'm accomplished now, so to say
That now's the time to seize the day.

My parents are overjoyed,
Cause their son's the one,
Oh how they cried,
To see that I'm riding towards the sun.

A useless achievement is what I call it,
This so-called scroll with words written on it,
But the deeper meaning is all so true,
That it means nothing without you.

Three years of toil and harship and pain,
But in the end its all in vain,
Because all said and done, I know it well,
That I failed you, and no one can tell.

This degree to me is nothing but void,
This so called academic-win's a fraud,
They can call me a winner, a pedigree,
But fuck this, Cuz ur not here with me.

Imma work my way up,
Til I reach tat income bracket,
Cuz I mean what I say,
And for u Imma grab it.

Ten years from now,
U keep tat eye on me.
Cause from heaven above,
Imma burn this shyte to the ground.

You'll see.

'Fone, It's been 7 months. Miss ur voice, ur smile, ur antics. I know I'll never heard or see or get a text from you again, but hey... I still hang on tight to those memories. This degree? It's nothing. After this it's my Masters, my MBA, my CFA, my Phd. And most importantly. My first 5 figure paycheck. Wait for me. I'm gonna get you that helicopter I promised you, and fly towards the skies to get closer to you. Keep ur eyes fied on me. U got that? I'll be seing you soon. Love you.'

-For my sister, Belle. Happy 7th Month of ur Departure. Miss you.-

Saturday, October 20, 2012

When words are free

Words are the root to all that we feel.  Its all driven by words. What we say effects that we do, and the repercussions that follow are made, by words. "I'm sorry, Thank you, I Love You,'... Words can make or break, heal or hurt, make or destroy anything in our lives - relationships, friendships, friends, enemies, sucess and failure. What to say at the right moment to the right people determine every outcome.

But then, there is always the safer option - When words are empty. Saying nothing. Silence is golden, yes... But sometimes when we say nothing, we achieve nothing. Because most of the time, we just sit back and let things happen, without voicing out, without uttering a word - things become out of control.

I would say those words again, and again, and again. But it won't change anything now. So right here, right now - I'll say them all.. Before its too late, when my words are still free, and they cost nothing to get them back.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't stop being a nice guy

'I can't change the past..' he stopped short to catch his breath, perspiration dripping down his face. '...But I sure as hell can try to change our future...' He closed his eyes, and placed his feet forward towards the edge of the cliff. Below, the jagged rocks and sharp edges paved way to a dark blue ocean that glimmered under the evening sunset.

He turned around and faced her one last time. And smiled. 'I love you.' He plunged.

-Fraction of a dream dated 10/10/2012 in memory of Belle Ju Fone, my loving sister...-

There were times when dreams turn to reality. Other times reality seem to me like a dream. A day turns to months, moths to years, and years turn to an eternity. Everytime I open my eyes, I lose my purpose. For every 3 steps I move front, I am dragged 2 steps back. How I learned to embrace death and live on, I will never know. But the vicious cycle remains. First comes the encounter with Death, then comes the Getting over of it. Then comes the hardest part - Living on.

You can't just walk away from something, or someone, and expect things to remain the same. That is why I ascertain myself harder than ever. But this is a rough time. The real world just came into being, people have started to get more and more hypocritic, and I have to wake up every morning telling myself that things will be alright.

It's tiring. Very very tiring. Everyone around me wants what's best for them. It's always going to be a blame on you. They blame you for living better than them. They blame you for lack of achievements, they blame you for being in between. There is just no way to escape this crazy nonsense. But when it comes to me and my welfare, it doesn't matter anymore, because I have to 'learn to do things myself'.

Such is life. Its safe to be the nice guy all the time. But when they start taking advantage of you, you feel offended. You feel like fighting back.

I have had enough experience to tell you - you don't fight back. Because that's not who you are. You are what you set yourself to be in the first place. You are that nice guy. Remember, that even as the world changes, you don;t let it change you, unless you want it to, unless you think its right. But the world is so fucked up right now, you of all people know that you need to be nice. Who else is gonna do it but you?

You don't walk away from them either. Walking away is no different from running away from a problem. You are not boneless. You have guts, you do what's right.

Neither do you remain silent. That is where most nice guys fail - they stay quiet for too long, until someone else take their place, and claim their just rewards.

Understand this - being a nice person is, right now, the most challenging character in the world. Embrace that fact, and be proud. It is super easy to fall to evil and be cruel and say nasty things all the time. It's easier to take a step back and keep still. But that is not how we nice people should operate. What we should be aware of as of now - is that we are the only few living nice people out there. Don't let us die out - because of a fight, a small bump, a betrayal or some bad mistake. Embrace the fact that we are not perfect, learn from it, and be even NICER to people.

Being nice also does not mean being sympathetic. Being nice means providing assistance as a kind gesture. You don;t follow a person all the way home and solve all thier problems. That's you being disrespectful. People all have the ability to solve onhand problems. Don't feed thier laziness. Let them learn to grow.

So be proud, be nice, and be caring to others. Regardless of what they keep saying about nice guys finishing last, that girls don't dig nice guys. Its all a lie - because nice people are the ones who uphold the balance of society. Call yourself peacekeepers. We are there for a reason, and that reason is to see to it that people in need and have difficulties are met with a warm smile and a kind gesture when they need it the most.

The next time you do a good deed, and feel like you are not appreciated because of it - take a step back, and understand that what you did there was not something a mere commoner can understand. But we do. So give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

I lost my sister months ago. I have every right to be in a tantrum, to see the world as an evil entity and curse every living soul that I come into contact with. But hey, I'm a nice guy.

See you around. Be proud to be nice.

-Today, I just want to relax, take my time and enjoy the view of life. Yet at the same time I will not stop fighting until I reach the peak of the mountain. Wait for me, I am coming, meet you at the top.-

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Heart

The heart is a really funny organ. It does all the work - pumping blood, keeping us alive. But it never gets the credit. It is small, yet it has to learn to man up and be the strongest. Not because it knows it is, but because it know it has to. Because if it dies, all the rest around it will stop functioning as well. Because it knows, that if it were to fail, even once, that was it, it was the end.

So what am I? A heart. The one that pumps laughter and pain and memories into the bodies and minds of the people around me. Those who don't need it I can forgo, because then it does not concern them. But those I hold dear, I know I have to keep pumping, even if it means I will be torn to shreds, even if I know I have to push beyond my limits. I cannot fail not now, not ever.

I will never be happy, until those around me are happy.

My sister is what undid me. Her passing destroyed a part of me. I was the heart, but I let her fail. I was the heart, but I didn't do enough. Maybe if I pumped enough blood, maybe if I pumped harder, pumped faster. She will still be here, and the human body which we are all apart of as a family, can be whole again.

I am a heart. But a weak one.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


See, its a bit frustrating at times. When we do bad things to others, others feel offended. But some people get away with it, because they do bad things, at a more discreet level, at a level where others dun seem to mind, or just don't have the capacity in them to mind. I recently felt a little balled when a friend added another friend into a facebook group, for the sake of just one gathering. Now, it makes perfect sense to add someone into a very tight group since it belongs to all of us, but wth do we do with the person after the interview? Madafaker we added you because we felt comfortable with you. This is not a group where you just add people for events or some other shyte, if u wanna do tat go make ur own motherfucking event. It leaves a poor loophole in the dynamics of the group right now, I cant even post things like I use to. ==''

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open up your heart

Looking for something to sooth the soul has never been more discreet. I went out with Robson, Chern Chiang, Pui Mun and Mok for Hannah's birthday at The Curve today. We had a rather.. 'meh' time at Song Box, which was seriously bad. The room was icky, the music selection was terrible. After that we headed to Laundry Bar to cut the cake. It was awesome to finally have good bonding them with the form 6 gang again. In the process, I might have kinda, sorta spent too much time getting drunk on Cosmopolitans and not texting my angel enuff... so... XDDDD dun angry ya?